Pinach was founded in 1957 by brothers Pinach Hernandez in Alborache (Valencia) Spain.
Originally its main activity was the manufacture of machinery for the paper industry and cement.
In the early 80 was introduced in the automotive sector, adapting our facilities and machines to new market needs, in terms of technology and quality.
This technological improvement facilitated its introduction into other sectors such as energy, shipbuilding, aerospace, equipment and large machining.
Today we have modern facilities of 6000 m2 and mass production last level that allow us to meet commitments and deadlines quality at competitive prices, to meet the objectives of our clients.
Pinach has since 2000 ISO 9001:2008 certification for design, manufacturing and machining of mechanical equipment, and has a team composed of more than 50 professionals and a technical department that is responsible for the development of new projects and track jobs.